Valencia, Spain

Valencia combines history, tradition and modernity in an unusual way. It is a unique kind of city, traditional, original, cutting edge and full of intriguing contrasts. Its architecture dates from the first century B.C. to the most futuristic, 21st century design.

The city boasts a wide-ranging environmental offer due to its proximity to the Albufuera nature reserve and the green lung, located in the old Turia riverbed which crosses the city centre from east to west.

Valencia is a city experienced in hosting medical conferences; with a reputation as one of the most complete and versatile destinations on the continent.

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Less is more – Valencias environmental responsability

Since 2014 the strategy of Valencia commits to reduce emissions by 2020, increase the use of renewable energy and increase energy efficiency by 20%. The city was trialling a new, innovative delivery system, which was operating from October 2014 to January 2015, thanks to the SMILE project. In the framework of this pilot, two electrically assisted tricycles were delivering parcels within the historical city centre and offered an agile, silent, flexible and green alternative to traditional delivery vans. Watch the video here.

In 2016, Valencia became a successful pilot city for the ACCENT project (Accompany cities in energy strategy). In order to support the energy transition of European cities, ACCENT will provide city stakeholders data and tools to map and diagnose existing energetic situation, and design energy strategies which maximize energy efficiency.